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So you may have heard of progressive jackpots or progressive pokies but you may wonder what they actually are. Basically when a casino operator has a progressive game, each time a player is playing on the game a small amount is collected by the casino. This is then added to the overall progressive jackpot for that particular game. Now this may not seem much at first but if there are a lot of players playing a particular game then this can build up very quickly.
Some of the jackpots that have been paid out by the casinos we list on this website have been in excess of over $1million! This well and truly can be a life changing amount of money to win!
The casino operators we have listed on this site ALL have online pokies progressive jackpot games available. Once you have joined them then you can check to see which games they have, plus the amount the jackpot is currently on. If no one wins the jackpot then the amount will keep on increasing! So you could get lucky and win a crazy amount of money should you win.
Progressive Winner
Georgios M is living proof that big jackpot winners exist! This guy was playing Mega Moolah and scooped $6.3million! The game is available on all of the casinos listed on this site.
The winner was so happy he said “I nearly cried”! This is the type of life changing event that could potentially happen to you should you decide to play a big jackpot game!
There is a whole host of big winners out there and hopefully you will be able to join them in the near future!
The popularity of progressive slots has gone through the roof in recent years, this is partly due to the press covering the big winners. With the amount on offer to players, it really can be a life changing event hitting one of these jackpots. Plus you have an equal chance of winning from your first spin as you do if you have been playing for weeks! That’s the crazy thing about progressives – they are totally unpredictable and can happen at any given moment.